by Reuben Thomas (
and Shmuel Zeigerman (

Lrexlib provides bindings of five regular expression library APIs (POSIX, PCRE, PCRE2, GNU, TRE and Oniguruma) to Lua >= 5.1. The bindings for TRE and Oniguruma are not currently complete.

Lrexlib is copyright Reuben Thomas 2000-2020 and copyright Shmuel Zeigerman 2004-2020, and is released under the same license as Lua, the MIT license (otherwise known as the revised BSD license). There is no warranty.

Please report bugs and make suggestions to the maintainer, or use the LuaForge trackers and mailing lists.

Thanks to Thatcher Ulrich for bug and warning fixes, and to Nick Gammon for adding support for PCRE named subpatterns.


Lrexlib is installed with LuaRocks, using the command:

luarocks install lrexlib-FLAVOUR

where FLAVOUR is one of PCRE, PCRE2, POSIX, oniguruma, TRE, GNU